Thursday, May 7, 2020

Sixth Grade And Middle Schools. Maira Verdin. Westwood

Sixth Grade and Middle Schools Maira Verdin Westwood High School Maira Verdin Final Assignment Period: 2nd Sixth Grade and Middle Schools Currently in the United States, the education system has middle schools from grades six through eight, elementary schools from kindergarten through fifth grade and high school 9th through 12th grade. Although there was a change in the school system, school was not always this way. Ninth grade students were put into middle schools instead of high school and sixth grade students were put into elementary schools. Unfortunately some of these students do not do well in a middle school and have lower grades, are not mature enough, and have a hard time dealing with peer pressure. Six†¦show more content†¦Generally students in Junior high schools have lower test scores, this may be because of the different grading system that the teachers have. State testing show that, the students that have lower test scores on their report card, mean that they do the same in the state testing (Fraser 1996). Sixth grade students should not be exposed to the lower grades given in a middle schools if their peers are having these kinds of troubles. The sixth grade students are not mentally prepared to be put into this kind of environment. Lower test scores could also be because students in middle school generally don’t care about their academic work , and care more about how they look to one another, or seem more interested in being in a relationship with others. Pickhardt states that in some cases the middle school teachers give parents the wrong message. This message is to let the student not do the work and fail as they will learn more from their consequences. Pickhardt explains how most of these students need to learn from the academic failure and letting them fail would mean that there would be a lack of effort in wanting to do work. Here parents can help the students by giving them support to continue giving the most academic work that can be done. Sixth grade students don’t get the attention that they

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