Friday, November 22, 2019

Marketing Techniques Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing Techniques - Essay Example This brings to light the aspect of understanding the potential which the 15-inch LCD TV systems have within them and the manner in which the same could be exploited upon by the company rests on the shoulders of the advertising programs, sponsorship packages and rigorous sales promotions – both above the line and below the line activities could be used over a period of time. Price cuts for the 15-inch LCD TV system would not be a fair ploy since reduction in prices usually mean an inferior product produced on the part of the company which is simply not the case. Thus the best aspect of advertising programs would be to manifest that the 15-inch LCD TV system is indeed a viable option for young ones and the office places. This would immediately trigger positive sale as well as corrective word of mouth within the relevant circles. More than anything else, it will facilitate the 15-inch LCD TV system in making a mark for its own self in a short period of time. Since 70% of the potential customers opt for the 17-inch LCD TV system, it would be feasible if the 15-inch LCD TV system goes for a different segment altogether and tries its best to get in touch with them through tailored advertising messages which play a creative trick during the whole activity. It could look to entice its relevant target market with the purchase of the 15-inch LCD TV system in order to satisfy its need as well as the completion of ego or self-esteem issue. A 15-inch LCD TV system would surely live up to their expectations and indeed would look to outdo the rivals, both direct and indirect in the long run. Thus it is advisable for the managers to adopt the manner in which launch of better planned and sound advertising programs is in place – one which aims to pinpoint the campaigns in a narrow-casting fashion, aiming to find the exact audience for its purchase and then hammering the

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