Saturday, November 2, 2019

Science Fiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Science Fiction - Essay Example Currently, alien is stereotyped into â€Å"Martians† who exclusively steps down from Mars. However, it is a misconception of humans that aliens could arrive only from â€Å"Mars â€Å"as they can be any foreign body attempting to adapt on earth. Swanwick has given equal importance to human and aliens in â€Å"Slow Life† as both are the main participants in the story. The story initiates by explaining the travel of the new found life through the methane cloud, until it falls on the highlands into the hands of Lizzie: â€Å"It was however, falling towards the equatorial highlands, where mountains of ice rose a towering five hundred meters into the atmosphere† (p.162). On its travel towards the highland it is captured by Lizzie in a carry bag thinking it as a habitat of potential alien life form. In this story, a group of astronauts set out to explore the chances of finding life on Saturn’s moon called Titan. The story â€Å"Slow Life† is a 2002 science fiction which describes the experience of Lizzie O’Brian on Saturn’s Moon called Titan. She is one of the team members who visit Titan for the first time. She believes she is collecting a raindrop in a carry bag which has alien properties. When she lands on Titan as a part of NAFTAS space expedition, she attempts to study the orange atmosphere of the Titan and its icy landscape .Soon she realizes she can discover a habitat in the Titan for her rain droplet with alien properties which will be a breakthrough in the scientific world. The thrilling part of the story is the relaying of Lizzie’s voice on to the team members with the assistance of Voice Web. Lizzie is trying to find some material from Titan which can be combined with the raindrop to form an alien life form. She is stating about the nature of the alien as: â€Å"It will have to be slow life, Lizzie said thoughtfully, something vegetative, vaster than empires and more slow. It would

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